Dream Development


Maple Crest has over 300 acres of naturally spectacular living space. Its 75 acre wetland and wildlife reserve is bordered by manicured shorelines and parks. A natural ridge that offers wonderful downtown views defines the landscape while providing winding tree lined trails and paths for recreation and relaxing strolls through the community.

Maple Crest- Community, New community in Edmonton

Green Spaces
& Woodlands

Maple Crest offers oversized green space reserves, professionally developed parks, and ravine woodlands. These passive recreation areas provide ample space to walk, exercise, explore or just relax. They also create an aura of privacy and calm that ensures a wholesome living environment away from the hectic pace of daily life. Regardless of your passions there's always room to toss a Frisbee, walk your dog or just lie back and let the clouds roll by.

Land Development for Residential communities

Ample Walking
Trails & Pathways

Whether walking the shoreline or strolling along beautiful tree lined streets, there’s ample space in Maple Crest to stretch your legs, work up a sweat, or walk your four legged friend. Natural trails and constructed walking paths connect the community’s various stages, lifestyle amenities, and the people that call this community home.

Natural Trails

Maple Crest

Fulton Marsh is Edmonton’s largest storm water management facility. Since its creation fifteen years ago it has evolved into a beautiful 75 acre wetland, located the northwest corner of Maple Crest. Dream Development, creators of Maple Crest, are committed to maintaining the natural integrity of these lands by integrating them into neighbourhood master plan and investing in improvements and walking trails. This impressive green space provides a refreshing escape from everyday life to a world of migratory birds, quiet animal sightings, relaxed walks and the beauty of nature.

Fulton Marsh features a protected reserve for waterfowl nesting, feeding, resting and raising young. Several amphibian and small mammal species also inhabit the area including rabbits, deer, coyote, and muskrats.

Fulton Marsh