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Top 7 Halloween Safety Tips

Oct 17 2019

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Halloween can be a fun and exciting time for kids. The 31st of October is always filled with plenty of surprises and enjoyment, and to help make it a trick-free treat, here are the top 10 Halloween tips to follow for a safe and happy trick or treating experience!

1.Choose the Right Costume

Make sure your child is appropriately dressed for Halloween. Having a costume that is bright, colourful and/or reflective helps make it so that children can be seen more easily at night. Also be on the lookout for costumes and accessories that are labelled “flame resistant”. Try to avoid wearing masks that can limit or block eyesight. If you plan to trick-or-treat outdoors, keep in mind that Halloween nights in Edmonton can be a bit chilly. Be prepared to put on some extra layers!

2.Plan Your Route In Advance

Trick-or-treating could take you several steps away from your house, especially in a large community like Maple Crest. The last thing you want is are sore legs and frustration from your little one. Try to avoid long paths by mapping out a route just before leaving the house. Stick to a path that you and your child are familiar with to avoid getting lost. 

3.A Safe Home

We all want to be that one house on the block that stands out on Halloween. However, remember try not go overboard with the decorations. The last thing you want is a child injured on your property. To keep your home safe for trick-or-treaters, remove any obstacles from your porch and lawn, such as garden hoses, lawn decorations, sprinklers, etc., to prevent children from tripping over them. Be sure to sweep off any wet leaves or snow from the sidewalks or steps as well.

4.Stay Safe While Trick-Or-Treating

A responsible adult should always accompany young children when trick-or-treating - – especially if they are ages 12 and under. If your older children are going alone, teach them to stay visible and to be aware of their surroundings. Also make sure they are travelling in a group, usually in a group of at least five or six. Always be careful when crossing the street and make sure to look both ways when doing so. Don’t always assume the right of way!

5.Adults Should Be Safe Too

Children aren’t the only ones who should practice safety tips on Halloween. While children are out and about, adults must drive with extra caution, especially in residential neighbourhoods. Children are always moving in unpredictable ways during Halloween night! Make sure your headlights are on and get rid of any distractions such as your phone. Remember, drive with caution!

6.Not All Candy Are Sweet

So your child just got home with a big bag of candy. Before chowing down and going through a sugar high, make sure to inspect any suspicious looking candy. Throw out candy with torn packaging or holes in the package and be cautious of any homemade treats made from strangers.  

7.The Little Things That Count

It’s always a good idea for your children to be equipped with a cell phone. Whether an emergency arises or you’re just checking up on them, a cell phone can go a long way. It’s also a good idea to bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated. Lastly, remember to establish a curfew for your children and keep track of time. 

Happy Trick-Or-Treating!