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The Best Walking Trails in Southeast Edmonton

Jul 07 2020

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There are plenty of amazing walking trails in southeast Edmonton, and Maple Crest Community has most of them! One of the best things about living in southeast Edmonton is the access to walking trails and beautiful nature. The best walking trails are those that have the best views, the widest trails, and are well maintained, and each trail on this list contains them all!

1. Maple Crest’s Fulton Marsh Trail

With a gorgeous view of Fulton Marsh, this walking trail is perfect for a stroll with friends or taking the kids for a bike ride. With a nice loop, you can even send your children off to practice their independence while still keeping an eye out for their safety. The walking trails themselves are ideal for children learning to ride bikes or parents pushing along strollers as they are wonderfully preserved. The walking trails are two-sided, shared pathways, allowing for comfortable group walks. Maple Crest’s Fulton Marsh walking trail is a great option for walking in southeast Edmonton! 

Maple Crest’s Wooded Area/Phase 8 Trail

With a gorgeous view of Fulton Marsh, this walking trail is perfect for a stroll with friends or taking the kids for a bike ride. With a spacious trail that is smooth and well maintained, this walking trail is a great route to take your dog for a walk, go running, or stroll through and enjoy all the trees! When it comes to Maple Crest and walking trails in southeast Edmonton, this would be a great choice!

3. Laurel Lake Walking Trail

Laurel Lake walking trail is another great walking trail through a southeast Edmonton community. The beautiful view and easy walking trail is great for spending time outdoors. The shared, two-sided pathways and the lovely lake make for a great walk, whether you’re out with friends and family, or just seeking some alone time.

4. Mill Creek Ravine Walking Trail

This walking trail is great for the more avid trekker. If you’re seeking a longer walk that will really get your heart pumping, this trail is a great choice in southeast Edmonton. Mill Creek Ravine rivals the Edmonton River Valley, and the Mill Creek Ravine Walking Trails are a classic. The scenery is beautiful and the multi-use trail is great for groups, on a bike, with a pet, or just for solo walking. It is a little older though, so the pavement is slightly more worn. It’s still a fantastic walking trail in southeast Edmonton!

There are plenty of great walking opportunities in southeast Edmonton, and if you live in Maple Crest, those walking trails could be right outside your door! Maple Crest Community’s newest phase, Phase 8, backs out right onto beautiful walking trails in its wooded area, a huge benefit to living in Maple Crest is living with nature!