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Top Reasons to Buy a Home in the Winter

Jan 14 2021

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As we welcome in 2021, there are plenty of exciting opportunities to buy a home in Maple Crest! Peak home buying season usually approaches in the spring and summer months, but what about in the winter? Buying a home in the winter can have many advantages! There are plenty of advantages to building a new home or buying a quick possession in the winter!

Less Competition

Buying a home in the winter is a great choice as it’s not “busy season” for builders. This means you will often be at the front of the line with your builder. The sales team will have more time to talk you through different options and finishes, plus, there will likely be faster and easier communication if you have a question, since there are less people building at a time. You may also be able to get a better price than in the summer when there is more competition.

Great Timeline for Kids

Building a new home in Maple Crest takes between six and eight months. If you buy a new build in the winter, that means you’ll end up moving in in the summertime. This is an easier transition for kids who may need to change school districts or get used to having a new house to live in. Buying a home in winter can make it a lot easier for your children to adjust to the change!

Mortgages and Interest Rates are Lower

Because winter isn't the housing market’s busy season, you can sometimes get a lower interest rate than you would in the spring when the housing market is busier. Buying a home in the winter is a great way to potentially save a little money! According to Edmonton Homes For Sale, the price of real estate is on the rise and is projected to increase by 2% in the upcoming year. That means that buying a home now, in the winter, is your best bet at getting the best priced home in 2021.

Test Your New Home’s Energy Efficiency

Brand new homes are built with the best energy-efficient materials available. Your new home will have all new windows, insulation, and doorsl, and having a brand-new furnace, water heater, appliances, and light fixtures can be an amazing asset! Energy efficient features save you money when it comes to heating and running your home, and they also reduce your environmental impact! There’s no better time to experience energy efficiency and draft-free living than in the winter, so purchasing a quick possession home now is a fantastic idea!

Get the Full Maple Crest Experience the First Six Months

If you buy a quick possession home in Maple Crest in the winter, you’ll get to experience all that Maple Crest has to offer in the first few months of living in your new home. From the building snow forts and snowpeople in the months of winter to the lovely nature walks around Fulton Marsh in summer, Maple Crest has some fantastic experiences, and you can be a part of it all! You also have the fantastic opportunity to get ready for summer in your own home! Book landscaping, fence building, and a new deck in the spring so you can enjoy your beautiful yard all summer long. Get the earliest service booking as you’ll already be in your amazing new home.

Winter is a great time to buy a new home in Maple Crest. Visit our show homes to learn more about the fantastic home options from our builders! Be sure to ask your builder about their available quick possessions!