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Spring Planning in Maple Crest

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Get Healthy This Spring

May 20 2014 | Dream Development

Blog Image 2014 is going to be a great year to get out and celebrate spring in Maple Crest. Final work is being completed on the Fulton wetlands’ east shore trail system and its landscaping and planting are also winding down. The community features an extensive collection of paved walking paths and trails that extend from the south of the community through the ravine and past the wetlands. The Fulton wetlands reserve is a spectacular 75 acre park and natural area that’s been integrated into the neighbourhood.

If you’re planning to make this spring the start date for a healthy living regimen, try walking the trail from Stage One’s attached garage showhomes to the northern tip of the pathway in the wetlands. Along the way, designate four “activity” areas to perform simple exercise bursts that increase your heart rate such as jumping jacks, squats, push ups and running on the spot. This simple program will ease you into more strenuous exercises over time such as jogging and circuit training that will definitely tighten up any body.

Spring is also perfect for discovering nature’s wonder with children. The wetlands have protected nesting areas for migratory birds. And along the path system there are excellent vantage points from which your family can experience the first adventures of baby ducks, geese, other birds and animals. It’s recommended if you see wildlife with their young, do not approach them or attempt to interact with them, as the adults are very protective and will often attack if they feel threatened. So, this spring enjoy more of the natural spectacle that Maple Crest offers and get your family out in the fresh air and away from the keyboard you likely used to reach this blog post.