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Meet the Builders of Maple Crest Community

Maple Crest Community offers home buyers lots of choice when building in Southeast Edmonton! If you’re looking to build a ......

Posted: Apr 13 2021 | Read More

Spring Planning in Maple Crest

Spring is just around the corner (or should we say, true spring) and that means the time for landscaping, maintenance, ......

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Play Around in Our New Playground

Mar 29 2016 | Dream Development

Blog Image "Playing is the key to a child’s happy and healthy life.”

Parents have always shared a universal value when it came to their kids - “go out and play”. If nothing else it’s the only way to get some peace and quiet inside the house, but seriously it is essential for the physical, mental and social growth of kids.

However, over the past decade things have changed dramatically with the advent of computers and gaming technology. Children today spend significantly less time playing outdoors than in previous generations resulting in heightened health consequences and weaker social skills. Rough-and-tumble play in the great outdoors has given way to sedentary activities in the home.

Well-designed, safe, natural and innovative playgrounds give kids a chance to have fun, develop physical strength, coordination and balance and enhance social skills, imagination and creativity. Today, Maple Crest has its own community playground in Stage 5.

This active recreation area features a slide, climbing wall, ramps, games and tunnels that promote children’s play and imagination in a clean secure environment. Also, just moments away is the neighborhood's 75-acre natural reserve with its tree lined paths and ravine trails. Perfect destinations for active outdoor pursuits. These parks and playgrounds are also important gathering places for friends and neighbors that increase social interaction and promote community wellness and spirit.
The new playground should have landscaping completed by late spring and be ready to provide a long summer of family enjoyment. Make sure to check it out at the north end of Maple Way.