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Fulton Marsh – A Haven Of Wildlife

Jul 18 2016 | Dream Development

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Of all the creatures in nature, birds are among the most visible and accessible. Right in your backyard these wonderfully complex and beautiful creatures are going about their daily lives. Many waterfowl take part in spring migrations including geese, swans and ducks, which follow their instincts like a compass to return to their northern breeding grounds. Fulton marsh is just such a place and is home to many species. Birds like partridges, geese, swans, ducks, Pelicans, hawks and red-billed gulls etc .

Fulton Marsh is Edmonton’s largest storm water recreation area. Since its creation, 15 years ago, it has evolved into a beautiful 75-acre wetland, located on the northwest border of the new family community of Maple Crest. Fulton Marsh features a protected reserve for waterfowl nesting, feeding, resting and raising young. While much of the landscape was existing, Dream Development has improved the area by contouring the shoreline, fostering greater plant life selection and developing protected nesting areas and islands to protect chicks from natural predators

Several amphibian and small mammal species also inhabit the area including rabbits, deer, coyote, and muskrats. Since its original construction, the marsh and upland plant species has evolved into a well-developed and diverse habitat. The marsh supports native upland species and a diverse collection of submerging and floating vegetation. Some common wetland vegetation found in Alberta are common horsetail, meadow horsetail, reed canary grass, rough hair grass & wild Mint.

This land with its rich green space and quiet solitude provides a refreshing escape from the everyday stressors to a more tranquil place of song birds, animal sightings, relaxed walks and rediscovering the wonder of nature.

It’s also important to remember this is a natural park and the protection of habitat for birds and animals is essential. People should not disturb nesting sites, damage or harvest any forms of plants, trees or indigenous florals, and respect that this is home for thousands of birds and animals. Some migratory birds can become extremely defensive during nesting season. It is during the nesting season that Canada geese get a reputation of being aggressive, though it is always humans approaching, which is deemed a threat or predator, that is at fault.

Humans must understand the behavior of wildlife and not approach them especially when they are with their young. In the case of Canada Geese they are just doing what comes naturally which is being a RESPONSIBLE ADULT. Explain this to your children and don’t allow them to approach these creatures or attempt to chase them in any way.