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Guest Ready In 30 Minutes Or Less!

Nov 16 2016 | Maple Crest

Blog Image Inviting your friends over for impromptu barbecues, a seasonal Christmas or holiday party, or last-minute, casual get-togethers should not be a stress. Let us be real, if you have kids in the house, there’s “stuff” everywhere.

Although it would be fantastic to entertain friends or family at a moments notice, but you don’t want them to see your house as it currently is because there’s a sense of pride when it looks good. Here is the best way to use that half hour or so before the doorbell rings to get from chaos to calm and ready for whoever’s coming over. Just follow these 5 tips and you’ll be all set!

You don’t have to clean up the whole house, you just need to be selective and clean only those rooms where the guest would go! Usually this will be the hallway/entrance, the kitchen, and the toilet. Once you have decided on this, simply close the doors on the rest of the house! You’ve just cut your cleaning time drastically, without feeling like you haven’t got your home guest ready.

Day to day life means there will be “stuff” left out – usually in most homes this is inevitable. The trick is to be able to do a quick sweep of all surfaces and either put the items away in the right place (the ideal solution if there’s only a few things out), or have a container with a lid somewhere close by that you can simply put everything into and hide it away just while your guest is there.

Once you have cleared the stuff that was hanging around on the surfaces, it’s time to make sure those surfaces are clean enough for your guests. Simply clean, dust or wipe all the hard surfaces, and run the hoover over the floors.

Your guests may well need the toilet while they visit – so make sure that your closest toilet is in acceptable form.Do a quick wipe down of all surfaces, add toilet cleaner to the toilet so it’s clean and smelling fresh, and put a clean towel there ready for them.

Lastly – it makes all the difference to create a nice ambiance in your home – and there are a few ways to do this quickly.
Make it smell nice – Light a scented candle or use good quality room freshener before the guest arrive to make your home smell nice.
Have music playing in the background – something calm and soothing is always good as background for a chat.
Get the tea/coffee on and biscuits/snacks out. Having some food and drink to offer your guest ready to go is a great way to make them feel welcome, and takes any stress away from you.

Now you can sit back and enjoy the company of friends, and they will feel welcome and relaxed as well.