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Transform Your Backyard This Spring

Apr 15 2017 | Maple Crest

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With spring just around the corner (we hope), today is the perfect time to begin planning for your backyard makeover in the preparation of the warmer temperatures ahead. Follow these seven simple steps.

Reviving your yard can be an enjoyable activity for the whole family. You can transform your outdoor living space in great new ways that rejuvenate family and entertainment time and inject a new vibrancy into weekend barbecues and evenings of relaxation.

Here are tips for transforming your backyard in time for spring:

1.Build a veggie patch - Spring is the season of renewal and is the ideal time to grow little herbs and veggies of your own. Raised garden beds are the best format to grow vegetables, herbs, and even fruit. And, building your own raised veggie garden is fairly simple. Allocate space that receives enough sunlight for good growing. Mark out the area, usually about 10’ x 8’ and then install a raised garden wall using dry retaining wall block or wider plank wood. Bring in nutrient-rich topsoil and then plant your favorite produce. A veggie patch is a great way to make use of forgotten corners of your yard and to grow your own groceries.

2.Create a zoned yard - Zones in the backyard create defined areas for eating, cooking, lounging or whatever is required. Define zones using fencing, plants or materials such as pavers, grass or gravel to help each area stand on its own. A zoned yard will appear bigger and each area will have its own purpose.

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3.Add furniture and Accessories - Selecting the right furniture is imperative to achieving the desired look and feel and maximizing the time spent in the backyard. Start by considering your lifestyle and how you anticipate the room will be used. Lounges and deep seaters are perfect for those who like to relax whereas dining settings are best for those who love long family meals and barbecues. Include some decorative elements to add personality to space.

4.Enhance the look of the lawn - Replacing old or damaged turf is a quick way to enhance the look of your home. Healthy turf will bring a bright, fresh appearance to your outdoor space and this simple project gives a great finishing touch. Aerate the lawn with a garden fork and remove any debris. Fertilize if required and sprinkle grass seed over any bare spots. For a more dramatic, neat finish, add the garden edging. Today, there are many grass patching products you can buy at any hardware store that helps you repair patchy spots in five days. This is especially important if you have larger dogs that cause damage to lawns from urine and defecating over the winter months.

5.Pressure clean paved areas - Transform old into new again in time for the entertaining season. Bring your driveway or any paved area back to life with a power wash. It’s quick and easy to do and will not only improve the appearance of your home but with pressure cleaning, you may also remove any oil or moss and restore the slip resistance of the surface.

6.Introduce a water feature - Adding a water feature to the outdoor space always seems to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the area. There are some fantastic water feature options available at any home retailer like Home Depot, Lowes, Rona or any specialty gardening store or greenhouse like Classic Landscaping. Water features also serve a functional purpose such as blocking out noise from traffic or neighbors and add a peaceful ambiance to the garden. A stone feature wall will add some texture and make a water feature stand out more and have the most dramatic impact.

Maple crest, beautiful backyard, Transform your backyard this spring, creative backyard lighting

7.Add creative lighting - With longer, warmer days you are sure to start using the outdoor space well into the evening. Lighting allows you to enjoy the backyard later into the evening after the sun goes down. With a huge variety of lighting options to choose from, you’re sure to find something to complement the style of your backyard.