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Tips On Getting Your Entranceway Organized

Apr 27 2017 | Maple Crest

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It's your portal between home and the outer world: the mudroom and entryways. For the family, it's the place they launch themselves each day and hit the road; for guests and visitors, it's the place where they form their first impression of the home that lies beyond the front door. Even a small entryway or mudroom can be packed with function. Try these tips to organize your home’s mudroom & entryways:

Focus on Floors - In the entryway & mudroom, the outside meets the inside and brings plenty of mud and moisture with it. Place entrance mats on both sides of the door to trap tracked-in dirt and rainwater before it hits your clean house.

Clear Clutter Regularly - Family comings and goings tend to attract mail, paperwork, newspapers, magazines, library books, broken items and extra clothing by the doorway. Schedule regular STOP clutter sessions in the entry and encourage the family to use closets and storage areas for such items.

Climb the Walls - Make the most of the wall space for storage. Hang a key rack near the door for easy access. Pegs and hooks hold rain gear, jackets, and summer hats.

Use the back of the closet door - Hang or attach a shoe organizer on the back of the closet door. Roomy pockets hold mittens and scarves, sunglasses and suntan oil, pet leashes, and garden gloves and shoes where they're accessible but not in the way.

Contain It - Provide a mix of open and closed storage for entryway & mudroom contents: cubbies or shelf units for baskets. Add a low storage bench for seating when changing shoes or donning boots. Label containers to help family members remember to use them.

Family Launch Pads – All the family members need a dedicated space to hold all the "out-the-door" essentials of life.

If your home’s mudroom won't allow for your stuff plus your kids', let them have it. It's important to teach kids from a young age to put their things away, and a great time to start is the second they get home — not to mention that you won't have to go looking for field trip permission slips (and anything else they may lose).