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Live with Ease in Maple Crest

One of the core values of Maple Crest is for those living in our neighbourhoods to live life with ease. ......

Posted: Mar 24 2020 | Read More

Southeast Edmonton’s Hidden Gem: Fulton Marsh

With its vast green space and tranquil surroundings, Fulton Marsh is a refreshing escape from day-to-day stressors - enjoy relaxing ......

Posted: Feb 06 2020 | Read More

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Oct 27 2017 | Maple Crest

Blog Image Are you still looking for last minute costume ideas that are ideal for any member of the family and won’t break the bank? We’ve compiled a list of ideas along with images for you to get inspired this Halloween.

* Alice in Wonderland: Mom and Dad can dress up as the Queen of Hearts and Mad Hatter, while the little ones can be Alice and the White Rabbit.

* Pac-Man: Get ready for an epic showdown with these easy to make cut-out costumes that come in many colors and characters!

* Disney villains: Pick your favorite Disney villain and hit the town dressed as Jafar, Maleficent, or Cruella de Ville!

* Popeye: It doesn't get any easier (or cuter) than Mom and Dad dressing up as Popeye and Olive Oyl and putting the little one in a Sweet Pea costume.

* Ratatouille: This is one way to get the whole family cooking! Little ones will make adorable rats and Mom and Dad can dress up as French chefs to complete the look.

* The Addams Family: This Halloween favorite is a great way to get the whole family involved. Moms can be Morticia, Dads, Gomez, and the kids can go as Pugsley, Wednesday, and Pubert with just a little face makeup and a cheap wig.

* The Flintstones: This is an easy DIY set of costumes but may only be appropriate for indoor parties.

* Mario characters: Moms can be Princess Peach and Dads can be Mario, while the little ones can go as Toad or King Boo.