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Fulton Meadows Community League

Feb 27 2018 | Maple Crest

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Meet Fulton Meadows Community League!

”Fulton” - the name of the original family that farmed the land where the four neighbourhoods are located
”Meadows” - taken from the City of Edmonton's name for the area of the city where Fulton Meadows is located.
                            Fulton Meadows Community League

Fulton Meadows Community League services the developing areas of Tamarack, Maple Crest, Tamarack Common, and Aster. Responsibilities of the League include program and activity planning, sports registration facilitation, and voice community concerns. FMCL is a representing body for its members and aims at creating a harmonious and vibrant neighborhood. All events and activities are 100% volunteer driven, and membership dues go directly into the community. FMCL works with members to plan community-wide events, promote free swim nights, and more.

FMCL Vision

To encourage and promote amateur games and exercises, recreation, and friendly activities to our members; to advocate for outdoor spaces for community use and promote green, sustainable living; and to foster and promote diversity and multicultural engagement within the community.

Do I need a Membership?

Membership ensures that all the individuals and families receive latest community information, are allowed to participate in the league hosted events, can vote at Annual General Meetings and take advantage of special discounts.

Why do I need community league membership?

Membership has a ton of benefits, including:
* Eligibility to play in City of Edmonton soccer and hockey leagues;
* FREE swimming at City of Edmonton outdoor pools during Community League swim times;
* 20% Discount on annual and continuous monthly passes at City of Edmonton recreational facilities;
* 15% Discount on multi admission passes at City of Edmonton recreation facilities
* 10% Discount at Slice Pizzeria (2304 23rd Avenue, Edmonton);
* Free or discounted access to League hosted events and programs;
* Registration for e-mail and newsletter notifications

​​​​What is the community league Fee?

Memberships dues are paid annually. They are valid for one (1) year, running from September 1st-August 31st of the following year. Memberships can be purchased any time of the year and are non-refundable.

Fee structure is as follows:

* $25 per family, up to two (2) adults and up to four (4) children
* $15 per additional family in a household
* $15 per individual

How do I Purchase a membership?

There are now three ways to purchase an FMCL membership:

1. In person by contacting our Membership Director at
2. Online through Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues
   * Enter your postal code or Select "Fulton Meadows Community League" from the drop-down menu
    * A small fee ($5) will be applied to help EFCL pay for the service.
    * If the system can't find your postal code, please use "T6T 0J4" to ensure you are purchasing the correct membership.
3. At any Servus Credit Union in the City of Edmonton. Our closest branch is at 2390 - 23rd Avenue. $5 administration fee applies.

If you have any questions about the community league, please contact the membership director:

For more information: Fulton Marsh Community League