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The Beginner's Guide To Assembling A New Home Wish List

Aug 02 2018
There's no place like home. There's no place like home. There's no place like home.

We've all been there - planning and searching for the perfect house to call a home. A home for you and your family should be catered to the life you want, and establishing a wish list can become a powerful tool that will help you prioritize what's best for you in your dream home hunt.

To help ease the process, we've compiled some handy tips on composing a wish list to help you figure out what's important to you, your lifestyle and family while prioritizing your needs and wants of a home.

Get Inspired

Don't know what you want out of a home? Then start searching! From architecture magazines to photo-centric social media channels like Instagram and Pinterest, there are many places to get inspiration from. When browsing, keep in mind the features that catches your attention the most. This helps narrow down what you want in your new home and can help separate the "must have" from the "would like to have".

Your wish list components

When creating a wish list, it's a good idea to start defining your "needs" and your "wants".
First, define what you need in a new home and the reason why you're considering a new home in the first place. Do you want to move into a quieter neighbourhood? A family friendly community with nearby amenities? Need better access to major roadways? Require more space for a growing family? Defining your needs will help you start to figure out how big of a home you need, the location that suits you best and the basics of deciding the type of floor plan you're looking for.

Now that you've narrowed down what is important in a home, you can focus on those extra necessities - your "wants". Your wants are items that you can generally live without, but would be nice to have. A theatre room for movie night, large walk-in closet for the fashionista at heart, marble tiling all over your ensuite bathroom - these are all examples of features that are considered "what you want" rather than "what you need".

It's not uncommon for both needs and wants to change as you browse through homes, so try to be realistic and honest in what you need and want out of your new home.

Prioritizing your wish list

Now that you've figured out what you need in a new home, the hardest part of the wish list process looms over your shoulder - defining the parts of your wish list that are more important than the others.

First, start with the needs. These should be fairly straightforward and easy to arrange according to priority.

The hard part is sorting out your wants. This is typically the stage where you'll struggle to say goodbye to that walk-in closet for all your designer shoes. And that's perfectly okay. Focus on what matters to you most, who you want to be and what's best for your family.

Who knows, by the time that tike of yours finds a place of their very own, you could turn their room into your own fashion boutique!


Creating a wish list when looking for a new home will allow you to have an overall idea of your perfect home. Balancing needs and wants of a home is a tough act, but you should always prioritize your needs over your wants. What are you waiting for? The perfect home is waiting for you!