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Meet the Builders of Maple Crest Community

Maple Crest Community offers home buyers lots of choice when building in Southeast Edmonton! If you’re looking to build a ......

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Spring Planning in Maple Crest

Spring is just around the corner (or should we say, true spring) and that means the time for landscaping, maintenance, ......

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Spring Check List - How To Avoid Expensive Problems In Your New Home

Mar 11 2015 | Dream Development

Blog Image Winter is hard on your new home. Fear not! Spring is just around the corner. But as temperatures rise, the snow melts and ground softens, unchecked problem areas around your home and yard can cause expensive damage. These issues can be avoided. So here’s a list of items you should keep an eye on as the days get longer.

Check Your Gutters
Make sure that all gutters remain unclogged and channel water away from your house. To avoid future problems, be sure all eaves trougha are cleared of leaves and ice so water doesn’t flow over the edge. And check that your drainage spouts are intact and drain away from your home’s foundation.

Fill In Water Pooling Spots
If your landscaping was not completed before snowfall, there might be areas in the yard where large pools of water may form. If these areas are next to your foundation, they can cause expensive damage to your basement from leakage through low laying windows or foundation.

Inspect The Roof
Preform a visual roof check from the ground, if possible, to identify broken or loose shingles. The winter can damage the integrity of your roof, which can lead to leakage as more snow melts and the spring rains come. It is also important to check the flashing around chimneys, vents, skylights or other roof features to ensure they have not been compromised, either. If you notice any sort of damage, call a professional to further inspect and repair the problem areas.

Furnace Inspection
Replace your furnace filter and call a technician to perform a routine service on your heating and cooling unit. A properly cleaned and maintained furnace will increase efficiency, reduce your costs and ensure the highest possible quality air circulating through your home.

Check Outside Faucets
A weak flow of water from your outdoor facets can be the result of a damaged pipe inside. A simple way to examine a faucet is by turning it on and covering the opening with your hand. If you can stop the flow of water entirely, it is likely you have an interior leak that needs repair. In this instance, you should call a plumber to fix the problem at once.